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Must Love Growling Dogs

I LOVE growling dogs.

Say whaaaaaaaat?

Hear me out:

A growling dog is a dog that’s saying, “hey, I don’t want to bite, please don’t make me.”

A growling dog is a dog that is actively trying to diffuse a situation so that they don’t need to escalate their behavior.

A growling dog isn’t looking to hurt your feelings or your ego, they’re just trying to communicate to you what they need to feel safe.

A growling dog is a dog who doesn't WANT to hurt you!

If you have a growly dog, I want you to put yourself in their shoes:

Can you imagine if you lived with someone who constantly pushed at your boundaries and didn’t listen to you, even if that person had a good heart and meant well? And that one day, when you haven’t had enough sleep and you’re more stressed than usual you say “hey can you please not, I’m having a rough day”: that person screams at you, or worse, gets physical with you in an attempt to "correct" your behavior?

Beagle dog sitting