Using Retrospective Thinking While Training

Confession time: I did not train Regis to walk on a loose lead for the first four years of his life. At all. Nada. He’s always been on a harness, and around a year I put him on an easy walk harness, but that’s it. No “one step-click-treat”. No “300 peck” training method. No ‘Be a Tree”. He essentially dragged me wherever he wanted to go every time we went for a walk. And to be honest, I really didn’t care all that much. I knew he wasn’t trying to be ‘alpha’ (since Dominance theory has been totally debunked and all), I was strong enough to hang onto him, and I was trying to focus on his reactivity while walking. Not only that, but I had a few years under my belt of walking dogs in the shelter

Why cookie cutter advice doesn't always work; AKA sometimes google isn't the answer!

I am a HUGE fan of the internet. Even though it can sometimes be a cesspool of misinformation and bad attitudes (hellooooooo social media!), it can also be a wonderful source of unlimited information that we would never have imagined having access to 20 years ago (helloooooo google scholar!)! Remember card catalogs? I do! I even consider myself the self proclaimed queen of google with my super power being that I can find information within seconds of a question being asked (ask my fiancee, Phil, I'll often have the answer before he even finishes asking the question!) HOWEVER. There are several things we need to consider about getting information from the internet. It's one thing looking up o

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