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In-Home Private Dog Training Services

Private dog training is a great option for dogs with behavior concerns and clients who want manners training but would like a little more flexibility than a group class allows. During private training you decide what you’d like to prioritize for your training, and how much time you’d like to spend on any given topic, instead of having to follow a set curriculum!








What methods do I use?

The methods I use are rooted in positive reinforcement. This means that I use what your dog likes (food, attention, praise, play) to train, rather than using anything potentially scary, uncomfortable, or painful. Want to geek out about the WHY of using positive reinforcement dog training? Check out this link!


I do not use or recommend the following tools: choke chains, prong collars, shock/remote/e-collars, vibration collars, citronella collars, spray bottles, noise tools (shaking pennies in a can, ultra sonic devices)


If you use any of the above equipment I would still love to work with you, but for transparency’s sake I do like to let my client’s know that we’ll be moving away from those tools as the client feels more confident and in control with my training methods, and that I will not be able to instruct on how to use these tools during our training. 


Can I offer you a guarantee?

Unfortunately I cannot. Dog training is an unregulated industry, so there are trainers out there who will offer guarantees, but to be frank this is a disingenuous practice and a sign of incompetence. There are simply too many factors at play when it comes to dog training. In fact, every professional organization that I am part of prohibits me from offering guarantees for behavior change (See this link).


What I can offer, however, is a customized approach to your case, my commitment to the science of behavior, a commitment to excellence, and that I will strive to always do my best by you and your dog!


How many lessons will you need?

This depends on the issues you are having and your training goals. There are some situations where just the initial lesson is enough for the client, but those are the exception, not the rule! Believe me, I wish I could solve all of the troubles you are having in just a single session! Instead private training is best done weekly or every other week once we’ve established which follow up training package will be best for you. 


Just like you would never expect to drop your kid off at one piano lesson and expect them to be able to play Moonlight Sonata, or expect to go to one therapy session to improve your mental health, dog training takes time, consistency, and practice! 

What is my availability for private lessons?

Private lessons are available during weekday daytimes. Due to high demand in the evenings for my group classes unfortunately at this time I cannot offer evening private lessons. If you're looking for basic training for your dog or puppy and need evening availability, check out our group classes!

What is my service area?

I serve much of the NW suburbs of Chicago, including Elk Grove, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Prospect Heights, Wheeling, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Itasca, Roselle, and parts of many of the surrounding communities. 

Please note if you live outside of my travel radius I may still be able to work with you for a travel fee, OR I will happily refer you to a colleague who serves your area! Feel free to still reach out!


Do you offer payment plans?

I am absolutely happy to offer payment plans! I firmly believe that everyone should have access to good training for their dogs, so if you are feeling unsure about the financial commitment required for training please let me know and I’m confident we can make something work!

Looking to get started? Step one is contacting me, and we'll get you signed up for your first appointment!


Does your dog just need some help learning basic manners or working through simple training problems like jumping up, counter surfing, barking, digging, chewing, and other “dog stuff”? Then you’ll schedule a “Foundation Lesson”! During this lesson we’ll discuss the issues you are having, establish simple management strategies and get started with the training! This appointment is an hour long and costs $175. 

Does your dog have a history of fearful, aggressive, or problematic behavior? If your dog has any history of barking, lunging, growling, snapping, or biting at other dogs and/or people then you’ll sign up for an initial behavior consultation. Fear and aggression are complex behaviors to work through, so this initial behavior consultation will go over the issues you are having, go over your dog’s history, discuss your case prognosis, establish management strategies to keep everyone safe, and get started with some simple behavior training if there is still time at the end of the lesson. This appointment is 75 minutes long and costs $240.

If you have multiple dogs that need training you will be required to sign up for an initial consultation for multi dog households as the extra time allows us to discuss multiple dogs. This session is 90 minutes long and costs $265.

Once we establish the recommended number of follow up lessons at your initial appointment I will send you follow up homework within 72 hours and the link to schedule follow up sessions. Follow up lessons are about 45 minutes each. The pricing for these follow up lessons is: 


  • Lessons purchased one at a time: $175 each

  • 3 pack of lessons: $465 ($45 savings)

  • 5 pack of lessons: $750 ($100 savings)

  • 8 pack of lessons (best savings!): $1,160 ($200 savings)


Please note, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to completely resolve your dog’s behavior issues or get everything trained within the time frame of the recommended package, although that is what I will aim to do! If we have sessions left over even after the behavior is resolved we can work on additional training skills or any other training you might be interested in!

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Looking to get started? Contact me (and please check your spam folder if you don't hear back within 48 hours)!

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