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What is a dog trainer without her dogs? This page is dedicated to my own group of dogs, past and present, who have influenced me and taught me more than I could have asked for.


Regis is a 9 year old beagle/coonhound mix. He is truly the dog that started me on my path. I've always loved dogs but never had to worry about their behavior; we had dogs, dogs were members of our family, but they didn't need a ton of work or training to fit into our lives. Regis changed all of that, and taught me (and continue to teaches me) so much about dogs.

Phoebe is the newest member of our family. We brought her home at 8 weeks old in June of 2018, and as of this update she's 3 years old. Phoebe is a hound mix and so far has taught me a lot about patience and lack of sleep. She's a very good girl, and I'm so happy to see her and Regis getting along and having a healthy canine relationship.


Maxi was the original beagle who started it all. Growing up my family always had retrievers (labs and Goldens) until one day at my parent's cabin in Michigan this little 6 month old beagle followed us home and never left. Maxi was one of those "good" dogs, a dog that probably didn't have the best start in life and despite that never met a person or dog she didn't like. Unfortunately she passed away in May of 2016, but I will never forget the lessons she taught me.

I'm cheating a little bit with this one. Duke is my sister's dog, but I get to hang out with him a lot and we have shared a number of adventures together (he also comes up to Michigan with our family weekends in the summer). So technically he's an honorary mention. 

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