Adventures in Puppyland

socialization is a puppy having positive experiences with many new things, teaching the puppy that novelty is actually a great thing, rather

How to positively modify undesired behaviors

One of the biggest criticisms of “positive-only” training (side note: there is no such thing as “only” positive training, this is a misnomer based on a misunderstanding of the quadrants of operant conditioning. But I digress…) is that we never ‘correct’ our dogs for doing the wrong thing, so how could they possibly learn what is ‘wrong’? Many ‘balanced’ trainers (meaning trainers who use all quadrants, including positive punishment and negative reinforcement)say that without this information, dogs will be unruly and out of control. However, the idea that our dogs do not have consequences to behaviors that we don’t like is simply untrue. Force-free trainers will make use of negative punishmen

Essential Factors to Consider when Adopting a Dog

So you’ve decided to add a dog to your family, congratulations! Deciding to add a furry member to your family is highly rewarding, but can be very overwhelming as well. Carefully considering your lifestyle and choosing the right dog for you are integral to making the adoption process as smooth and easy as possible. The following are the most important things to take into account before adopting. –Age: Puppy or Adult dog? This is one of the biggest factors to consider before adopting. They both have their pros and cons and it essentially comes down to how much time you will have to work with the dog. Puppies are a lot of fun, but when adopting a puppy one must consider house training and obed

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