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Group Dog 

Training  Classes

Happy Hound University is excited to announce that we are now offering group positive dog training classes!

Classes are held in the basement of St Martin's Episcopal Church, located at 1095 E Thacker St, Des Plaines, IL. Typically classes are 6 weeks long but due to the holiday season we are offering shortened 3 week "mini classes" before Christmas and Hanukah; these classes are $100 for the three weeks. Normal 6 week classes will resume January 8th.


Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention to all students.


The next session of classes will run Wednesday Evenings December 4th through December 18th.

5:00 PM-5:50 PM "Good things come to those who wait: Impulse Control"

6:00 PM-6:50 PM Puppy social and intro to good manners

7:00 PM-7:50 PM Holiday manners

8:00-8:50 PM Intro to tricks

Puppy Social (for puppies under 20 weeks old):

In this class we will discuss typical puppy problems such as biting, chewing, and house training, and focus on socialization with other puppies as well as novel experiences. Basic manners will also be introduced such as drop it, come when called, and relax on a mat.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: Impulse Control class:

This class will build on some basic "impulse control" exercises such as leave it, stay, go to mat, wait at open doors, and polite leash walking. Ideal for dogs who need a little more help learning how to control themselves and think around distractions.

Holiday Manners:

Do you have company coming over for the holiday season? This class will focus on some necessary skills to make your life easier, including sending your dog to their mat and having them stay there, polite greetings, and leaving dropped items.

Intro to tricks class:

Tricks are a fun way to show your dog off to friends and family this season, and a great way to incorporate mental enrichment on the days when a walk may not be possible. This class will go over some basic tricks such as give paw, high five, roll over, play dead, spin, sit up, back up, and others. 

To sign up for impulse control class, holiday manners, or tricks your dog must have already attended a class with Happy Hound University or another positive reinforcement class.

To discuss whether your dog is appropriate for group dog training classes and sign up please email .

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