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Rolling Enrollment Group Puppy Classes

No waiting to get into class!

Puppy 1 class runs every Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM and every Thursday evening at 5:00 PM, and each puppy that signs up attends 6 consecutive weeks of class. Class cost is $235 for 6 weeks. Puppy 1 is also part of our larger "premier puppy program" group class series, see this page for more information!

Class is held in the basement of St Martin's Episcopal Church at 1095 E Thacker St, Des Plaines, IL.

Puppy class is for puppies under 18 weeks at the start of class. Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention and focus on proper socialization, including puppy playtime, obstacle courses, husbandry and grooming exercises, and preparing your puppy for 'real life' with basic good manners exercises. 

Our puppy classes are rolling enrollment, which means you can join ANY TIME, and there is no wait as long as there are spots open in the class. This means that you don't miss any valuable socialization time during your puppies critical window of socialization. For more information on this critical window of socialization please see the AVSAB statement on puppy socialization.

It cannot be overstated: the first 18-20 weeks of your puppies life are CRITICAL to helping your puppy become a well-adjusted, confident adult dog. Do not wait to start training!

Email with any questions, or sign up for your start date by clicking the button below!

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