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Live Online Dog Training Services

Dog training from the comfort of your own couch!
How does it work?

Live Online dog training is done using video conferencing software (in my case I use Zoom, but if you've ever used Skype or FaceTime you've used something similar!) Zoom is a free downloadable software that uses either your phone or computer's audio and video, and allows us to speak face to face easily using today's technology.

Live online dog training is very similar to in person training, with the obvious difference being that we might not meet in person. The first session is an initial consultation, where we discuss the issues you may be having with your dog, your dog's history, how to manage their behavior best for everyone's safety and sanity, and get started with some training exercises. After that, hour or half hour follow ups can be purchased as needed to work on your dog's training. 

When we work on training exercises I will demonstrate the exercise using one of my dogs, and then ask you to practice it so that I can coach you. It's a little bit of a myth that a dog trainer needs to physically put their hands on your dog in order to train them, and using visual demos and verbal coaching we can make good progress towards changing your dog's behaviors!

Is it less effective than in person training?

Contrary to popular belief, online dog training is not less effective than in person training. In fact, some services such as Malena DeMartini's Separation Anxiety Programs work exclusively online using remote training and have great success! Online training is different and can definitely take some getting used to, but it has not proven to be less effective than in person training.

Who is live online dog training appropriate for?

Remote training is appropriate for the vast majority of training cases; there are very few behaviors that don't lend themselves to remote dog training. Even in cases where we can't do the bulk of the training remotely, getting started using remote services works very well for discussing a management strategy until in person training can be scheduled and establishing a plan to move forward. This way when we can finally meet in person we can hit the ground running!

Remote training is appropriate for:

  • New dog and puppy consultations

  • Basic manners training (sit, down, stay, come when called, leave it, drop it, etc.)

  • Mild behavior issues such as counter surfing, barking, jumping up, stealing items, pulling on leash, etc.

  • Getting started with more serious behavior problems such as reactive/aggressive behavior

  • Muzzle training

  • Cooperative care training for brushing, handling, and nail trims

  • Trick Training

  • And more!

How tech savvy do I need to be?

Speaking as someone who is not very tech savvy (I'm a little bit of a recovering techno-phobe!), you'll be okay! If you have a computer or smart phone with a working camera and audio, and access to stable internet, you will be able to use zoom!


The initial consultation is an hour and a half long appointment that includes a detailed follow up report and homework: $140.00

Hour long follow up appointments with follow up notes sent: $99.00

Half hour follow up appointment with follow up notes sent: $55.00

How do I get started?

Send an email to to sign up for your live online dog training. Looking forward to working with you!

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