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In-Home Private Dog Training Services

Does your dog need some help learning basic manners? Or maybe he's driving you crazy with counter surfing or pulling on leash?  Did you just get a new dog from the shelter or breeder and want to start off on the right foot? Whether you just got your dog,

or he's been with your family for a while,

I can help!


I work one on one with you and your dog 

to effectively and humanely teach new

behaviors while helping you manage and

modify undesired behavior.

Who is Private Dog Training ideal for?

Private Dog Training is ideal for every dog. Many people prefer private training to group classes because it is easier to keep your dog focused without the distraction of other dogs and people and they will learn the behaviors where they most need them, in their own homes. Additionally, the dog training is fully customizable, since we are not tied down to a group class syllabus. Want to just focus on polite leash walking? No problem!

Private dog training is also ideal for dogs with behavior problems or dogs who cannot focus around other dogs. Working in a familiar environment will also help your dog learn more quickly.

How does it work?

Each new client schedules an either an initial foundation lesson or an initial behavior consult with me, where I come into your home and work with you for an hour and a half to come up with a plan for you and your dog. We discuss your dog's history, what your training goals would be, any problem behaviors you may be encountering, how dogs learn, and get started with some basic training. 

At this consult we will discuss approximately how many sessions you might need and which package to purchase

Pricing and Packages

If you are looking for basic training and your dog is not exhibiting any fear or aggressive behavior you will schedule a foundation lesson. Foundation lessons are purchased individually. The cost of a foundation lesson is $125.00, includes follow up homework, and it will last approximately 1 hour.


 If your dog is struggling with fear or aggressive behavior you will schedule an initial behavior consult. The initial behavior consult costs $150.00 for an hour and a half session, and includes detailed follow up instructions including safety and management recommendations and beginning training steps. 

After the initial appointment, many clients purchase a package of follow up sessions. Follow up sessions are approximately 45 minutes long. 

Packages are priced as follows:

  • 3 sessions: $295 Ideal if: your dog has already had some training and you'd like to brush up on some skills, if you'd like to just teach one or two new behaviors.

  • 5 sessions: $475 This package is my most popular. Ideal for: a dog that hasn't had any training yet and needs the basics, mild to moderate behavior problems such as leash reactivity.

  • 8 sessions: $750  The complete training package. Ideal for: training basic manners and proofing out in the "real world" (at stores and parks), complete behavioral support for a new dog, training for therapy dog work or the Canine Good Citizen test, severe behavior problems. 

All packages include phone and email support, as well as notes and handouts sent after each session so that you know exactly what was discussed and what to work on.

What's included?

Each purchased consult and package includes email, phone, and text correspondence at no additional charge between sessions. I'm happy to discuss any troubles you may be having via email or phone.

Each session also includes handouts and homework notes in PDF format sent to your email account within 24-48 hours of your session. Notes include a step-by-step breakdown of each behavior we worked on during that session, solutions to any problem behaviors you're working on, and training tips and suggestions on how to practice.

And lastly, you have my guarantee that I will do my best to work with you and your dog to find efficient, humane solutions to any behaviors you may be having trouble with, all while having fun and building your relationship in the process.

Happy Hound University Beagle

Need a little extra help on top of private training?

Check out my Day Training programs! Ideal for the owner who has limited time or to jump start a training program!

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