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Day Training for puppies and dogs

Do you ever wish that someone else could just come in and train your dog for you? Is your schedule so busy that finding time to practice the skills is a hassle? Than day training may be the solution for you! 


What is day training?

When you purchase a day training package I come into your home at your preferred time (usually during the work day) several days a week and work one on one with your dog without you present, teaching your dog the skills that you would like them to learn. At the end of the session I will leave you a detailed note reviewing what we worked on.


In between day training sessions we will have transfer sessions where I work with you to show you what we've been working on so that you can practice these skills as well.

Many people prefer day training to board and train or bootcamps because your pup gets to stay with you, you get more regular updates, and your pup is learning the skills in their home environment, which will help the skills to transfer more easily.

What day training isn't.

Day training is not a total replacement for practicing with the owner. You will still have to practice skills in between sessions, although you will see faster progress with the day training. Remember, our dogs are living, sentient beings; we're not reprogramming a computer here!

Who is day training ideal for?

Day training is ideal for:

  • Busy clients with tight schedules

  • Clients who are struggling with the mechanics of the training

  • Mild behavior problems (such as leash reactivity)

  • Puppy clients (ideal for the midday potty break and socialization field trips)

  • Dogs that need just a little extra help in their training from an expert, experienced trainer!

Packaging and Pricing

PLEASE NOTE: All clients must first sign up for an hour and a half initial consultation whether interested in private training or day training.


At this consultation we will discuss your training goals, your dog's past history, and whether day training is an appropriate option for your situation. The initial consultation is $140.00 for the hour and a half and includes follow up notes; this is a separate fee from those listed below.

Each day training session is approximately 45 minutes long. Transfer sessions are an hour long eachSessions are sold in packages of 10, 20, or 30 days with transfer sessions held approximately every 5 sessions. 

A minimum of two sessions a week is required to sign up for a package.


- 10 day training sessions + 2 Transfer sessions



- 20 day training sessions + 4 Transfer sessions



- 30 day training sessions + 6 transfer sessions


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