There are many variations of this myth: positive reinforcement doesn't work for "tough" breeds, positive reinforcement doesn't work for "red zone"/aggressive dogs, and so on and so forth. Here's the thing. Positive reinforcement always work if done PROPERLY, and if you...

I did it. It happened today. I was cooking something in the kitchen, and Phoebe threw herself at the door. She had just been out. I KNEW she didn't have to go potty, and was most likely trying to get out to go say hi to the neighbor dog. I needed to keep an eye on the...

One question that I frequently get from clients is about their dog putting on weight when I discuss using food to train. Many people are concerned that by giving their dog lots of treats they'll contribute to a possible weight problem. I've heard this from both pet own...

Today's topic is one that I talk about A LOT, and it's one major bump that people tend to run into when transferring their training to real life. What do you do if you don't have treats on you? First of all, if your dog needs to see the food upfront to comply with what...

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